About us

Share joy and it will return to you double!

That was the idea that lead us, create Cretan Paragliding school back in 2012. To share The dream that everyone have for time to time! That people can fly! Its not impossible anymore. 
 Out team consists from  Certified, highly professional Instructors, Tandem pilots and ground stuff. At the same time, what characterizes them, is Cretan hospitality,love and passion for what they do. We'll gladly help you with anything, not just about paragliding, but concerning your staying in Crete in general.
 You don't take just a flight with us. You live an integrated outdoor experience! Hundrends of passengers trust us every year, and there is a reason for that! Each flight for us is a combination of professionalism and pleasure, since we love what we do and the happy moments of our passengers are also our happy moments.


Cretan paragliding is the only school in Crete certified from Greek airsport federation to give free flight paragliding courses and Tandem flights. We are member of APPI, a world wide assotiation of paragliding pilots and instructors.Its located in the city of Chania, but organise courses and tandem flights in the entire region of Crete. Our flight gear is brand new, and we constantly change it with new ones, so be sure we always have the best gear available in matter of safety and performance.

Team Members

Katsandredakis Yannis

Katsandredakis Yannis

Founder/Instructor/Tandem pilot

Yannis is the founder of Cretan Paragliding. He started to fly back in 2006 and since then he got hooked by the sport. He become paragliding instructor by the Greek Airsport Federation in 2012 and the same year he set up the Cretan Paragliding school. He participates in Greek and international competitions,he has been many times on the podium and he is an active member of greek national paragliding team. He enjoy to share the feeling of excitement and happines that a flight offers. At his free time, he likes to hike, swim, sailling. But mostly you will find him on the air!

Mylonakis Apostolis


Apostolis Is flying only 2 Years, but he learns fast! He joined our team from the beggining. He is a live map and a guide by himself! While on our way up to the take off, he would have telling you everything you need to do for your staying in Crete. Where to go, what to eat, what to see, and all this from the local way of look. A precious man. He loves to travel, meet new people, and fly!

Pentarakis Stavros

Instructor assistant/pilot

Stavros is flying paragliders since 2005. His deep knowledge of the theoritical part of flight is appriciated for the entire community of paragliding in Crete. You'll always find him at the landing field help the students for their final approach with his calm voice.At his free time he likes to hiking,fishing,cruise the big blue with his small boat and of course flying!