Policy and Terms of Service

Paragliding is a fairly safe outdoor activity. Also its 100% weather depended activity. So please read the notes bellow.

Cretan Paragliding school, assure you that you fly only with licensed paragliding pilots.
Cretan Paragliding school has an accident insurance for its passengers. Our Pilots take no risks, but you declare that you are aware of the risks involved an activity like paragliding.
Paragliding is 100% weather depended activity. Have in your mind that due to weather conditions, there might be some reschedule if necessary.
That means that a flight can be canceled even on take off, if the pilot judge that conditions are not flyable and there is safety issues.
 Paragliding is a free flight. Pilots look for lift to earn altitude and fly along. If the condition are not strong for the duration you have choose, you downgrade to the next lower package. If the flight is less than 10 minutes there is a minimum charge of 60 euros.